I've been thinking about this blog for years now and never found the courage to express myself in writing for numerous language reasons. I'm still not ready but decided to make the plunge and figure it will only get better with practice! There is so much to talk about I just didn't know where to start but I always felt I should talk about my life on the water first, the rest will be easy! 

Fortunatly my parents have always taken us on summer holidays.  One year we would stay in different regions of France to make sure we would learn about our own country and  the following year we would go somewhere in Europe and discover another countries like Spain, Italy, Greece, Scotland, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Holland, England. This simply gave me a huge passion for different cultures, for food and people.

Years later when I got the opportunity to work as a stewardess, chef. dive instructor, first mate, deck hand on a big Motor yacht and travel the world this way, I simply couldn't refused. As a result of my love for a life on the move I was happy not to have a land address for 7 years. 

To arrive in a new country by the water is beyond any sort of travelling experience I've done before, because there is a huge sense of satisfaction "to make it" sound and safe to a new place! Also the practicality of never have to pack a suitcase and sleep in your own bed every night is so fantastic. 

We travelled to the South Pacific, Vanuatu, the East coast of Australia many times, The Kimberleys, we put the boat on a boat carrier from Brisbane to Auckland to Costa Rica via Panama to Miami, to arrived in Mallorca. We cruised the Mediterranean, Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece and every little Island in between at 16 kilometre per hour!! (10knots)

I would never swap this experience for anything in the world. So often I think how lucky I was to travel in this conditions. A huge thank you to the Gschwenter Family and to Carl the Skipper.

My life changes forever after that.... salt is now flowing in my veins! 

The following post will show you a quick view of the countries we went to. I hope you like it.