Love and Bones Broth

Michelle Schoeps is taking Sydney and soon Australia over like a storm with LOVE AND BONES BROTH. I wanted to begin my first blog about this not only because we are friends but mostly because she's a genius blogger herself (michelleschoepsorganic) in the hope of passing my own blogging fear! So here I am talking in a bad english about something I'm very passionate about.

We've known for ever the health benefit of Broth but now it's in FASHION... and no wonder, it is full of natural collagen, it boost the immune system, and a great source of vitamins and mineral. Soon to be more popular than Champagne but yet still hard to find. From LA to Sydney the healthy ones are already on it and I am too! Totally convinced.

The Broth Lady is definitely making the most tasty and organic you can get, she uses the best meat and veggie suppliers in town. When I travel interstate I'm now looking for Broth, I'm checking out what's available and hoping to get a cup of it but I still haven't tried anything else like loveandbonesbroth. When you drink it it's like someones put his arm around you! Yes, it's true! As well as feeling very healthy, having the best looking skin (in a long time). So If you think I exaggerate, well try it for yourself and lets' talk about it again.... It's only available through her website right now but soon in shops I believe.... 

And I'm warning you, like any goodness it's highly addictive! 


One love broth a day keep the doctor away......

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