We spent 6 months travelling on board MY MASTEKA a 30 meters power boat between the Islands of Vanuatu and New Caledonia... Amazing!

Most villages in South Pacific have no water or electricity but people often speak up to 7 languages, French included. Meeting the village Chief is a must on arrival to show your respect with a gift. We organised from Australia to donate a lot of School stationery, candles, clothes, ropes but the most valuable product needed was actually vegetables seeds. Everyone was very intrigued with the jet ski and wondered if we came from Australia on it. We spent hours taking the kids for runs. 

The owner and guests will fly to the boat on a sea plane to save us a trip back to the big airport towns! The seaplane crew often bought fresh supplies and took our garbage back to land so we could keep cruising this remote places. 

One day we spent hours in a village playing with the kids. One men that spoke french asked me if we liked chicken. The skipper looked at me worried, I said yes off course we do. The next minute he screamed at the kids something, and they all started running after this poor little chicken! Oh no.... before I could stop them, Rosie the 4 years old had one in her hand ready to snap it's neck. 

The kids took such great pleasure and fun plucking the feathers and they handed it to me. I had to gracefully ask if by chance they could cut the feet and the neck off so the guest on the boat would be repulsed by this still warm full hairless chicken I was bringing back to the boat! 

If you happen to visit the South Pacific, enjoy the incredible diving and the generosity of the people, but keep clear of the Cava if you can!!



Photos: SophieThé and Carl Brandes