Shopping at Macquarie Center for Christmas

I had a fabulous shopping experience @macquariecenter... So many shops to choose from and patient shop owner to served me...

I've selected a range of affordable fun products....summer is on so lots of smelly body soap and treatment for the after the beach effect... a Drone because i'm a big fan of photography and technology so I can't wait to play with that... a beach bag is a must since i am a sun seeker... a this gorgeous Dinosaur designs book full of inspiration and colours. 

The valet parking made it easy on such a busy time, drop off your car, drop off your keys and you good to go...

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you enjoy.


1. MR&MRS JONES - Lobster bottle opener $22.95

2. PAPAYA - Apollo Glass vase $24.95

3. PILLOW TALK - Aspire Antoni Cement Planter $5.95

4.BED BATH N'TABLE - Tote with rope hand $18.70 - St Tropez Thin $24.95 

4.PILLOW TALK - Muse mini Hosta pot $29.95

5. MR&MRS JONES - Watermelon Candle Large $39.95

6. LUSH - Rub Rub Rub $14.95

7. KIKKI.K - Rainbow gel pen 10K essential $14.95

8. JB HIFI - Zero X Raven + Drone w Controller $199.00

9. T2 - Teaspoon 'for the love of Tea' $15.00

10. KIKKI K - Heart dish 2pk Thrive $19.95

11. COLETTE - Cosmetic pack $49.99

12. LUSH - Herbalism $15.40

13. MR&MRS JONES - Banana Soap on a rope $18.95

14. HARRY HARTOG - Art of Dinosaur Designs $79.99

14. COUNTRY ROAD - Mio Fig cndl $29.95

15. PAPAYA - Scissor 3 Nd $39.00 - Malmo Plate $39.95













Land of Napoleon, half composed of mountains, between France and Italy, Corsica is a fantastic holidays destination, if you love bushwalking or lying on the beach. There is also great bars and restaurants right on the beach that serve fresh fish everyday. Corsica is very popular with motorbike too, from the coast through the mountain the rides are extremely windy and fun.

Corsica always claimed for their independence but so far still a French region.

We travelled from St Joseph, Ajaccio, Bonifacio, Calvi, Propriano, Porto Vecchio. I loved everyone of this village.

You can see the granite cliffs of Porto Vecchio from miles away. 

If you get a chance, visit Corsica.






I never imagined I would have moved all the way to Australia to get a job that made me travel all the way back to France on a boat!

Pullling over into French port was for sure my biggest highlight. I didn't grow up on the water, we rarely spent time on boats with my parents so coming via the water to all the cities and villages of the south of France was an absolute thrill.

Marseille wow! Cassis, Toulon, Nice, Cannes, St Tropez, Monaco wow wow wow!! Amazing! So much fun to be sitting amongst the biggest private yachts ever made. Mind blowing. Life was so easy, all the docks are right in the middle of the old town usually so markets, boulangerie, flower shop where just a minute walk away. 

As an internationale boat rule, you must have the name of your boat as well as the provenance, it's basically the city you are registered from. So in very large letters on the back garage door we use to have MASTEKA sydney so people would ask everyday if really Sydney was the one in Australia!! Most couldn't believe it. 

South of France is actually so beautiful and so windy in Summer from lunch time onwards! 







Microlight Airborne goes up to 70knots an hour and 700 kms range with 2 people onboard.

Ok so this is how cool life was! We had a Microlight plane onboard the boat! So the skipper passed is PPL licence and here we flew! We started in Australia with floats but when we got to Spain it was illegal to fly seaplanes, so we crane it out of the boat flybridge on to a truck to a small airport in the west coast of Mallorca. Flying so close to land is wonderful. You just discover another total different planet! 

Unfortunately a year later the skipper dropped of the sky at about 5 story high in Corsica over the water back with the floats. Miraculously he survived with little injuries.


I love the colours of all the little fishing villages around Mallorca. We lived there for 2 winters and totally could live there forever! I could buy one of this little run about boat....





Dockwise 'Superservant3' Lenghth 139 meters - Breadth 32 meters - Dept 8.50 meters - Deadweight 14.138 tons - Speed 14 knots

One day the owner of Masteka said 'Lets go to the Mediterranean for few years'! Yes, sure. 
We embarked on a massive yacht transporter called Dockwise Super Servant 3 from Brisbane because of the danger and stress on the boat caused by a big ocean crossing like this we decided it will be easier and safer to transport the boat on a cargo. (Plus it only cost $136 000!! one way! ) For every boat travelling over 25 meters the crew as to travel too, all the systems can't get shot down for that long.
So the cargo sink in and all the yachts drive in. The cargo has balista and the water on deck goes so every boats end up dry on the deck of the cargo. It's an incredible piece of technology. It has sometimes fail and then it's disaster because the ship become imbalanced. For us everything went well in Brisbane when we loaded with 5 other boats. The boat sat on big timber blocks and is strapped down on the cargo's deck. The skipper and I lived on the superyacht and ate with the ship crew. We travelled like this for 8.5 weeks. With the best of luck another big yacht called Noblehouse travelled with us and another stewardess travelled with it! Awesome I had a partner in crime. 
After a couple of days we came up with the crazy idea that we had all the material to build a swimming pool on the deck of the cargo. So we used the same big timber blocks, stuck them up and used 3m shrinking plastic with under water light. We put a big fire oz in directly pumping salt water in as we travelled through the pacific and the atlantic ocean! Brilliant. That was by far the best entertainment solution ever. Pool parties, reading, survival at sea the pool got many use. The Russian captain was a gem to accept such a madness but he did. 8 Russians officers and 12 Philippino crew where working on the ship. 

We made it from Brisbane, pick up and drop off in Auckland, Costa Rica, Miami, Bahamas and finally arrived in Mallorca. Experience going through Panama Canal and across the equator! 
We encounter many cyclones on the way, but never close enough to be awful but we average constant rolling of 18 degrees! meaning I slept in bed like a star fish otherwise I would roll out of bed!! 
A ones in a life time trip which makes me forever look at big ships in a very different way. 







This is for me the most remote place I have visited so far. The Kimberleys is 3 times the size of England with a population of only 40 000 people with at least half with indigenous origins. 

This is the wildest land in Australia, with Tropical monsoon. This place is home to simply full of sharks, crocodiles and Boab trees! So very dangerous..... not so good on a boat! It is also home to the increasingly rare Gouldian finches, as well as numerous other bird species, marsupials including nocturnals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and a vast range of insects and other invertebrates. 

We court the best fresh Barramundi fish, while the crocs were looking back at us.... for the same reasons we couldn't walk the same beach twice because crocs are famous for watching and waiting to attaque! At night with a torch we use to flash the shore line from the boat and it was always a couple of red eyes around. The famous Loggodile swimming past during the day.

We walked hours to caves, in the heat to see this incredible original aborigines cave drawings. believed to be the world’s oldest, with evidence suggesting the earliest occupation in the region dates back 50,000 to 60,000 years ago. Famous Wanjinas art is at least 4,000 years old, it is a living art form representing ancestral beings originating in the sea and the sky.  

At every cliff corner you totally expect to see an aboriginal men standing with a spear!

If you can please go there. 






We spent 6 months travelling on board MY MASTEKA a 30 meters power boat between the Islands of Vanuatu and New Caledonia... Amazing!

Most villages in South Pacific have no water or electricity but people often speak up to 7 languages, French included. Meeting the village Chief is a must on arrival to show your respect with a gift. We organised from Australia to donate a lot of School stationery, candles, clothes, ropes but the most valuable product needed was actually vegetables seeds. Everyone was very intrigued with the jet ski and wondered if we came from Australia on it. We spent hours taking the kids for runs. 

The owner and guests will fly to the boat on a sea plane to save us a trip back to the big airport towns! The seaplane crew often bought fresh supplies and took our garbage back to land so we could keep cruising this remote places. 

One day we spent hours in a village playing with the kids. One men that spoke french asked me if we liked chicken. The skipper looked at me worried, I said yes off course we do. The next minute he screamed at the kids something, and they all started running after this poor little chicken! Oh no.... before I could stop them, Rosie the 4 years old had one in her hand ready to snap it's neck. 

The kids took such great pleasure and fun plucking the feathers and they handed it to me. I had to gracefully ask if by chance they could cut the feet and the neck off so the guest on the boat would be repulsed by this still warm full hairless chicken I was bringing back to the boat! 

If you happen to visit the South Pacific, enjoy the incredible diving and the generosity of the people, but keep clear of the Cava if you can!!



Photos: SophieThé and Carl Brandes