photo by  Max Doyle

photo by Max Doyle

Sophie Thé

Born in Lyon France, Sophie sampled the taste for travelling through her parents. At 21 she moved to London to learn English and stayed there for 5 years. This was just the start of living abroad, Sophie then moved to sunny Australia to escape the chilly climate of London. Not long after she jumped on a super yacht where she would travel the world for 7 years.

"Styling was something I found myself practising instinctively on the yacht, on a daily basis, as a way of relieving the monotony of the stewards work, it became my second nature." 

Absolutely sure about her love for interiors Sophie oriented her career to Interior Design where her eye for modern styling with a nautical twist has seen her amass a large fan base and clientele, turning her passion for styling into a fruitful career. 

Sophie is now sailing solo in the pursuit of making people, places and events beautiful.